Nature Quotes: The Sea

Nature Quotes: The Sea 2011

"I feel we are all islands~in a common sea."(Gift From the Sea, 1955)

During my time on Casey Key, one of the white powdery west coast beaches of Florida, I read Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift From The Sea for the first time in 2003.

This spring, I find myself back at Casey Key, reflecting on her passion. Anne Lindbergh took time to be inspired by the beauty of the rolling sea.

Anne Lindbergh

On Florida’s Captiva Island, Anne Lindbergh enjoyed a brief respite from the obligations of family and career. There, using the shells on the beach for inspiration, she reflected on the life of the American woman in the middle of the 20th century (NPR).

Lindbergh and Einstein quotes are combined in my video appreciation of the universal qualities of the nature.

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  1. Phil Deaver says:

    I’m always looking for a place on the east coast of FL to go and be on the beach alone. I am aware you can go to the beach and be alone among people, but I’m still looking for the spot that has fewer people. For now, I have found a place to park and beach access at the farthest end of New Smyrna before it becomes the National Seashore. By now means as idyllic and the places in the video, it works for me. I normally spend 10 hours there when I go, putting down on the beach around 8, leaving around 6. One of my favorite parts of such a day is experiencing the sun passing over, how the day comes on, then wanes, all of it very gently and subtly. I read, I sleep, I walk run for an hour (half hour away from my spot, half hour back). I take a lot of water, pears, maybe trail mix or something that keeps me going. I try to stay on the beach the whole time, under a large umbrella and 50 level sunscreen. Four or five times a year I’ll do this, and being alone for it is the core requirement.

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