How Do Your Students Learn? Creating Meaningful Moments in Science Technology Engineering and Math

Creating Meaningful Moments

in Science Technology Engineering and Math

In our team-based STEM classroom, we have started winding down the semester of learning. I will miss their energy and the laughter that peppers the room within the five teams each class period. Their laughter has replaced the frustration of weeks past when they were at the threshold of understanding their role but weren’t functioning well as a team.

Their laughter is a signal to me that their team of co-learners have successfully reached a performance stage in team dynamics where they are comfortable with each other, they are comfortable in their role and the work is getting done. We are celebrating success!

I have more fans of team work this year than last. I take that as a signal that I am doing better at adjusting my path and method of facilitating the important and difficult skill of how to work on a team. I predict I will always be adjusting the approach, much like a pilot must adjust his approach with the often unpredictable wind and turbulence.

Within some years, teachers know that even some classes are more unpredictable and others are just a breeze. A sense of humor is a great tool in any teaching professional’s tool box if your plan is to survive motivating this and future generations in the classroom.

In addition to a sense of humor, a strong sense of curiosity and a willingness to continue expanding our own technology skills is vital.

We are here to inspire a generation with technology at their fingertips. The students entering my classroom are the generation who, for many of them, have been using the computer since they were two years old.

How can you make the technology transition easy and effective?


An easy way to enhance your lesson with technology:Vodcasts

The empowerment comes when you enhance your standard lesson with the buffet of technology that is only a Google query away. Search for podcasts and vodcasts to add to your lesson. Establish a video-based project that is student-produced using Movie Maker or another movie program already on your school computers. Students plug in photos or create their own edu-tainment script with music to teach a section of the science, math, or history lesson.

Find what you are comfortable adding to the learning space and adjust your approach as you get feedback from the students. Just as in any lesson, plan with the end in mind, but gently bring the lesson into the digital language that our students speak fluently.

The HOW DO YOUR STUDENTS LEARN video was introduced to our team of teachers and engineers last year at the Center for Advanced STEM Education training. It inspires. It informs.

Thank you for all you do for our next technology driven generation of inventors, doctors, leaders, and protectors.

2 Responses to “How Do Your Students Learn? Creating Meaningful Moments in Science Technology Engineering and Math”

  1. Dave Stanton says:

    My oldest grandson, David, 18 is graduating from high school tomorrow. He actually started to learn to read as we were playing “Age of Empires” when he was about 3-4yrs old. He needed to know what the screen said, and learned to read (parrot) what the words said. Today he is an outstanding student…took lots of AP courses, outstanding athlete and is headed to college this fall with both academic and athletic help. He is an example of what you were pointing out in your video. You sound like a great teacher who has learned how to use these latest tools to advantage. Have you told your students about Kahn Academy?

    Dave Stanton
    davewv on twitter

  2. Kay Borglum says:

    Dave~I hope you get the opportunity to read the engineer’s comment (from the NASA Florida Engineering and Education Conference) regarding his positive experience in working with teams who have a sports background. Kudos to David on his very successful journey through our education system. How exciting! And kudos to you. You sound like a great grandparent who loves to spend time and love your family. Cheers to continued success.~Kay

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