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Where do you find STEM Space Resources?

I had the honor of meeting some very dedicated teachers, engineers, educators and NASA Astronaut Jon McBride today at the Florida Engineering Education Conference, sponsored by The University of Central Florida College of Engineering and Computer Science in Orlando, FL. This year’s conference focus was Engineering Space Education .

Science Hands On Lab

Science Hands On Lab

The first resource for STEM training and classroom ideas is the Center for the Advancement of STEM Education (CASE) website.

The CASE program teams up science teachers with engineers in their area. The wonderful CASE staff provide professional development for both the teacher and the engineer to provide a successful delivery of the hands-on STEM support curriculum with your students.

Two other resources for STEM teacher professional development come from one of the conference sponsors: NASA.

The NASA Kennedy Space Center Educator Resource Center website includes PDF files for easy downloading of grade appropriate activity guides. If you are a Florida or Georgia teacher, Kennedy Space Center Educator Pass provides access for a fabulous day of space exploration.

I was able to locate a video online to demonstrate one way to construct the spectroscope. The audio voice over is a challenge but the video demonstration provides some guidance to get you started. I promise to make a video for you and post it here.

A special thanks to UCF for sponsoring a superb forum for teachers.


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  1. Thank you so much for your excellent presentation at the conference. I am truly impressed with you and your dedication to students.

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