Be More Than Just a Deep Space Spectator Tonight

Join The Adventure of Discovering Deep Space (M51 Galaxy:Bareket Observatory)

Deep Space Live Web Cast 2011  : Join NASA in a special deep space journey through a robotic telescope!

Using a sophisticated robotic telescope and a super sensitive cooled CCD camera, special musical image sonifications for those who are blind and an expert astronomer who will provide live explanations – every one will have the ability to enjoy from his/her special private journey through space-time.

About the NASA ‘Voyage into Deep Space’ – Live Webcast with Sonification

It is a truly global effort, coordinated simultaneously by different organizations across the world.

The program provides a unique opportunity for educators, students, amateur astronomers, outreach promoters, as well as the general public to observe and appreciate our deep space universe using all of our senses…

NASA’s deep space will be a virtual journey through a telescope with musical representation (sonification) to those who are blind, turning light-photons into sound!

The public are encouraged to submit their “ask the astronomer” questions  via this form, before or during the live event.

Join NASA LIVE at :

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