By The Way, No Child Left Behind Law Not Intended to Work Unchanged

According to a recent TIME’s article, the No Child law was never intended to run for nine years without some changes, and it’s starting to show its age.

Rules about school accountability, teacher accountability and how federal funds can be spent all need an update to reflect how much has changed since 2001.

Is American Education Up To Date?

Part of the push for revamping the law is political.” You don’t say. Shocking, isn’t it?

Everyday I log on to my news sources and turn on the media machine to hear touts of how bad our education system is in America. Complain, complain, complain.

One blogger responding to the TIME article suggested getting rid of the Department of Education. Dear blogger~plan with the end in mind. What outcome would that generate?

The education of our nation is a vital, dynamic part of where we are going and a history of where we’ve risen out of in tough times. Education is a spoke on one of the wheels of the American wagon. It is the support that moves us all down the road to a better quality of life by making more aware choices at the grocery store and at the voting booth.

As fast as technology is moving us forward, it is evident that Congress is having a difficult time keeping up with the foot race to the top. From the classroom, I expect national leaders to plan with the end in mind. But if they don’t have an exit strategy for a decade long war, how can we expect our leadership to craft a sound exit plan for a decade from today?

Do you know?

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