Educators: You Need To Pour Yourself a Big Cup of Calm Down

What are we doing?

As educators, we are trying.

As professionals, we want to accomplish the task… and hope someone can clearly communicate it.

As teachers, we are learning to adjust to the needs of our audience.

As a community, we want to be recognized for all we do.

As people, we want you to know we care about your child.

When our needs and expectations are neglected, we respond.

When we are being bullied, we need to stand up.

When they don’t make sense, we need to ask.

Until they figure out what they need, we need to pour ourselves a big cup of calm down and do what educators do: share knowledge, empower creativity, generate a spark of hidden genius, promote self responsibility, celebrate self and community, and be patient. No one has all the answers. Choose not to be a victim. Do what you can. Let the rest go.

As an educator, tough days remind me that I can only do my best. So I pour myself big cup of CALM DOWN and reflect.

Today, let’s remind ourselves of what we’ve done, what we do, and where we want to take this honorable profession.

STEM educator

Kay Borglum, MS
STEM Educator, Science Teacher (FL)


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