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STEM Video: Make a Lunar Crater Lab (NASA)

If you plan to use this hands-on lunar activity in your STEM Discovery classroom and you have video access, NASA’s demonstration is a perfect addition to get the exploration started.

Thanks to NASA JPL for their continued support for teachers and curious future scientists in the classroom!

Cell Science in Space: Healthy Solutions for Soldiers and Astronauts

LabTV (NDEP) video features an experiment created at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and blasted into space aboard the Space Shuttle is helping design better ways to treat injured soldiers and keep astronauts healthier.

NASA Office of Education : Summer of Innovation (SoI) STEM Mini-Grant Program

NASA Office of Education invites local schools and organizations to apply for grants that would enable existing summer & after-school programs to incorporate NASA-inspired science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content and activities for middle-school (grades 5-8) students. Application deadline is June 17, 2011.