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Are You Still In The Pursuit of Science?

Did your science or math professor scare the curiosity right out of you? Girls and boys alike are curious by nature. Changing the social norm of hands-on for boys and dress up for girls means equal opportunities for all students to explore the world around us.

A colleague and I are building a new STEM club at our math, science, technology middle school magnet in Central Florida. We have looked at club successes from the past and we have analyzed the decline of some clubs, as well. Bringing together what works and weeding out a long term commitment, we hope will build the science muscles of these targeted learners.
I think “science in small doses” is a good place to begin.

Mapping out a series of units based on key science learning needs for our students on campus is complete. Now we begin our pursuit of the under resourced students mentioned in the NPR interview included in this

When Will You Ever Use Calculus

When will you ever use Calculus:Talking on the phone while driving~ 60mph at 7:45pm in the woods on SR 46A when I noticed off to my right view a rather large 250 poundish black bear galloping toward where my car was about to be in 5 seconds or so. A fast acceleration and a squint […]

Nature Quotes: The Sea

Anne Lindbergh was inspired by the rolling sea. Lindbergh and Einstein quotes are combined in this short video appreciation of the universal qualities of nature.