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The Hunt for Genius in Reforming Teacher Evaluations

The Hunt for Genius in Reforming Teacher Evaluations

The roll out of the new performance criteria on the teacher evaluation is causing a big ugly stir. Where is our “Peter Fisk” to market the important need for this reform?

Problem-Solving Practice, Analysis of Real World Issues Boost Performance

I see the most meaningful learning happen when the unit of discovery is structured enough to guide them towards a target topic, but flexible in that their own questions energize two things: personal interest and higher quality reflective lab reports.~Kay Borglum, MS

STEM: The Science Behind the Motivation

The most recent assessments show improvement in U.S. pupils’ knowledge of math and science; however, the large majority still fail to reach adequate levels of proficiency. Moreover, when compared to other nations, the achievement of U.S. students is seen by many as inconsistent with the nation’s role as a world leader in scientific innovation.